Zoha Asghar

Core Facilitator
Clinical Research team co-lead

Medical Student
Karachi, Pakistan


Zoha is a second year MBBS student in Karachi. Apart from SAC, she is also a member of local community service initiatives in Karachi such as the renowned “Robin Hood Army” where her role is to register numerous underprivileged citizens across the province on the daily for the provincial government’s relief initiative to ensure that amidst the lockdown ration/food crises is catered to in a timely manner. 


While only in her second year Zoha is particularly excited about the endless opportunities medicine has to offer and get a chance to meet so many new people.


As of now, Zoha is yet to decide which field to pursue but cardiology is her favourite so far. She is also passionate about public health,disparities in healthcare facilities across her country and wishes to advocate for equality in healthcare and increasing accessibility and awareness regarding healthcare initiatives among locals.