Yasmin Elkabani

Clinical Resources Team Co-Lead
Outreach Team Co-Lead
Outreach Team, subdivision co-lead for LinkedIn

Clinical Research Coordinator

Alexandria, Egypt


Yasmin Elkabani is a graduate pharmacist at the faculty of pharmacy, Alexandria University year 2013. She’s currently working at the Alexandria Cancer Research Center (CRC) as clinical research coordinator and pharmacist where allowed her to encounter the field of clinical research and learn research ethics. She’s got the Good Clinical Practice certificate (GCP) that enabled her to collaborate professionally in clinical trials for investigational drugs. In parallel, she also spent a year working as a research assistant with a group who are working on a unique and novel approach, unprecedented here in Egypt; investigating cancer metabolism as a targeted therapy. Furthermore, she’s been involved in extracurricular activities since college as volunteering is her ultimate goal for inspiration and positive influence in this world. She has been a vice president of the Academic Club and the head of the scientific committee. In addition, she engaged in diverse events including national and international conferences as a team leader and a reference librarian at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Upon graduation, she worked as a pharmacist-in-charge of immunization in a rural health unit, for almost 4 years along with a private community pharmacy store. During those years she was dispensing medications, providing health consultation regarding dosage administration. As well as, she was involved with training and supervising junior pharmacists and medical students.She is currently a Global Leadership Panel member at Fight Cancer Global Initiative settled in Texas where she is advocating for cancer patients and cancer research.


Yasmin’s utmost objective is the advocacy of patient’s healthcare being at the top of priorities and public health promotion nationally and globally. Being involved in the clinical research field gives her the opportunity to achieve such perspective. 


Yasmin plans to pursue a Master’s in cancer research with focus on precision medicine to help maximizing patients’ recovery and minimizing the recurrence of cancer while advocating for cancer patients. As part of SAC, Yasmin hopes to share her experiences and knowledge while making a difference by assisting in providing a curated COVID-19 clinical resources database easily available for everyone around the world, contributing to research projects and the MedEd research/ mentorship community.