Waseem Wahood

Core Facilitator

Research Team Advisor


Medical Student
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA


Waseem Wahood is a first-year medical student in Florida. He has a background in health economics, global outreach, medical education, clinical research, and humanitarianism. He worked as a clinical assistant in an underserved community at his hometown in Chicago for several years, volunteered in several local and global humanitarian groups, and produced clinical research projects before entering medical school. He is heavily involved at his medical school, aiming to improve the school’s learning environment and student experience of community and wellbeing. He is currently working on several medical education research projects, aiming to make a difference in the delivery of curricula to students, in addition to several clinical research studies.


Waseem is motivated to improve experiential learning for the future generation of physicians to enhance healthcare delivery by utilizing his skills developed from his variety of experiences. Waseem’s interests in SAC is networking, building an online community of advocates, and offering assistance in any task.


By cultivating his strengths as a student, clinician, and researcher, Waseem aims to be better prepared to turn his passion for medicine into tangible action that improves the quality of life for the people and communities he hopes to serve.