Vivaswan Dutt Mishra

Team Co-Lead Outreach

Medical Student


 Vivaswan is a third-year Indian medical student. He has been associated with medical student organisations, and NGOs. He is currently a public health and research fellow at Aaroogya, a leading organisation in India for prevention, predict modelling and early detection of common women cancers with decentralised healthcare approach. Aaroogya has worked tirelessly during the ongoing pandemic to protect and support migrant workers for their medical needs, and has also enhanced its tele-consultation network. 

Vivaswan has also volunteered and participated in a few national and international medical conferences. He was a summer intern at the prestigious Intercollegiate Neuroscience Research Journal Club 2020. 



Vivaswan is a passionate learner with interests in research. He takes keen interest in public health. Also, he wants to spread awareness regarding mental health issues, and he keeps reading about them.


.As a part of SAC, he wants to make new friends, and volunteer in as many activities as possible. He wants to be a great doctor and serve the society in the best way possible.