Tarushi Bhattacharya

Live Study Group- Subdivision- Entrance Exams lead

Medical Student
Mumbai, India


Tarushi Bhattacharya is a 1st year medical student at MGM Navi Mumbai. Along with SAC she’s college head of AMSA India, member of MSAI, Switch India, Asklepios Graphics, etc.  

She’s led a group of volunteers to do over 150 hours of community service with ‘Angel Express’ NGO by teaching orphan children basic and environmental sciences. 

She’s organised various events under MSAI such as- ABCD (for awareness about blood donation) , Ilaaj (violence on doctors), CARE (Abortion related ethics), PANDAmic ( mental health of doctors during the pandemic) etc.


One of the prime reasons for Tarushi to become a doctor is to finally have the ability to give back to the society. She wants to provide primary health care to those who can’t afford it or don’t have the means to access it. She believes healing others will heal herself and those around her. Tarushi’s vocation as a doctor is what encourages her to strive and be passionate about what she’s doing.


Tarushi plans on persuading Cardiothoracic surgery. She thinks that the heart is the most beautiful organ in our bodies and wants to spend her life treating it. She also wants to be able to be able to create a healthy and happy work environment.