Tanya Rao

IT Team Lead

Medical Student
Delhi, India


Tanya is an undergraduate student at Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, India. She is a technology enthusiast and loves to volunteer for social causes, with her keen interest in public health. She actively participates in mental health and organ donation awareness organizations. She loves reading, photography and travelling, and has been part of the literature and photography society of her college.


She is motivated to live in a stereotype and oppression free society. With her interest in public health, she has been eager to utilize the pandemic period for the betterment of people around her. In SAC, she sees a great opportunity to explore technology along with sharing impactful knowledge.


Her goals are to explore domains beyond medicine, and utilize her knowledge to provide better (and integrated) healthcare services. Within SAC she aims to work seamlessly with her team and provide an easy to explore website.