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I look out of the window, aching for the sun’sglimpse,only to find clouds of uncertainty floating inBetween my heart and these clouds, there’s adiscomforting resemblanceboth in need of letting go of some water tofeel relieved!Every time I step out of the doorI see noses peeking out of the masks,blessed to smell the marigolds,but equally guilty […]

Realise, Relax and Retreat

Ever since the pandemic of COVID-19 hit the world, there seems to be no end to its longevity. The never-ending quarantine that the pandemic has left us with, seems to have created a myriad of turmoils and discord inside each one of us. With each passing day, the effects of COVID 19 on various aspects […]

IN IT TOGETHER ( Covid-19)

In a world where we are, too busy to look up from our phones,  Caught up in invisible competition,  Driven by thoughts, arguments and unseen complexities,  The novel coronavirus seems to have  Engulfed countries , and Engulfed Economies.  Necessities people thought they couldn’t survive without,  Unfortunately seems like a luxury today.  Forced to stay at […]