Sumayya Ismail

Smartphone Screen Time Research Co-Lead
Blog & Media Team Co-Lead
Interview Script Writing & Editing Co-Lead

Medical Student
Dubai, UAE


Sumayya Ismail is a 4th year medical student from Zimbabwe, at Dubai Medical University. She was the Head of Science Department in the Student Council at the college during her pre-clinical years. In her tenure as the head of science, she introduced innovative ideas in the field to enhance student participation in different scientific affairs. Due to her exemplary efforts and hard-work, the college witnessed its first intercollegiate debate which was a huge success.She is currently the Chief Editor of the college’s monthly magazine, “DMC Oxygen” and is an avid reader and writer. In her free time, Sumayya ensures she is updated with the recent advancements in science and research. Sumayya also has great expertise in the art of public speaking and communication and has won many accolades in the same. She also presented a research study at a conference alongside her faculty doctor that focused on Nutrition and Physical activity habits of individuals. 


Sumayya aspires to expand her repertoire and strengthen her skills by participating in this research. She would also like to highlight the value of good mental health in an individual’s well-being, by using Students Against COVID as a platform for the same.


Sumayya strives to be able to serve the people in need back home with her medical knowledge. She hopes to be able to volunteer for humanitarian aid and work and be involved with the UN one day.