Sarah Joseph

Women's Health Team - Internal Logistics Co - Lead

Medical Student


Sarah is a third year medical student from India.

With hobbies and interests ranging from photography, cooking, swimming, reading and public speaking, she can be described as a jack of all trades! She loves gaining and sharing knowledge and experiences with people. She is a part of the debate club and editorial board of her school and college and even worked with Times of India. Research is her new-found passion. When she’s not working, she is either playing with animals or watching animal-centered movies!


Sarah’s passion for volunteering started at a young age when she worked with an animal shelter. Students against Covid was the perfect platform for her to interact and reach out to people to raise awareness about a variety of issues. She believes all effort is futile until it reaches the right ears and that’s why she chose to be a part of the internal logistics and broadcast the amazing messages of the page. Being a part of this team for several months has been a rewarding experience for her!


Sarah plans to work on this initiative with her small but talented team. She hopes to form a connection between experts and people, to make fact-checked information accessible to all and to influence others to become a part of something bigger than themselves!