Background: Sabila is a desert-raised islander with roots in Pakistan, who’s pursuing medicine in Dubai Medical College. She currently is a second year medical student, holding the position of Presidency in the Student Council of her University. She values the importance of outreach in medical care and has journeyed to the wondrous world of writing; letting her words take the forms of poetry, short stories and articles. She believes in the importance of empathy, social justice, advocacy of mental health care and the need for creativity to enlighten one’s spirit. When she’s not glued to a screen or a textbook, she can be found investing her time in social services, creating digital content, clicking the world and indulging in an entertaining book while sipping on green tea and possibly imagining herself surrounded by cats.Sabila is also productively affiliated with several youth-led volunteer forces at local, national and international level such as Pakistan Youth Forum and MedAngle where she contributes with her leadership, digital media skills aiming to pay back to the community in all her capacities. Further, aside from her outlying professional whereabouts, she holds the position of Editor In Chief, of the magazine club in her university, alongside leading many of the clubs, such as currently the MUN Club. She often blogs and pitches in her writing to various magazines and online platforms.
Motivation: Working alongside supportive, like-minded team members fueled with a passion for innovation. Sabila aspires to utilize her multifaceted skills to create much more awareness on various topics she feels heartily about and find significant ways to make the platform more entertaining,beneficial and resonating for viewers.
Goals: To pave a pathway inclusive of arts and media in the field of medicine – by utilizing social platforms to create awareness, share stories through various mediums to connect upon stories and thus bring about an impact greater than just through the workings of the field of medicine.