Rifah Khan

Internal Finance team Co-lead

Accounting Student
UAE, Dubai


Rifah spent the first 20 years of her life in Saudi Arabia and is currently pursuing her training from PWC’s Academy in Dubai. Her curiosity for self education and Growth has encouraged her to take part in various initiatives. She holds a keen interest in mental health. In addition Rifah holds a blue belt in karate and loves long walks.


In present times people around the world wake up to the news about the pandemic and find themselves speculating their financial stability. Rifah wishes to help people in managing their finances ,she also aims to spread positivity and help those who struggle to bring a smile on their face. Through SAC she aspires to reach out to people and potentially help them in improving their mental health in these unprecedented times.


Rifah is pursuing her goal in self education and growth. growth in the field of finance as a learner and as an individual.