Raissa Lorrana Bronze Coelho

LGBTQIA+ Team Co-Lead

Medical Student
Belém, Brazil


Raissa is a second-year medical student at Federal University of Pará. Volunteer in the government’s hotline, working on suicide prevention. Teaching Assistant (TA) on the physiology of the endocrine system with Prof. Dr. Ana Karla Jansen Amorim. She has an active participation in discussions about public health and epidemiology in Brazil, working in projects for amazon population. 


From 2018 to 2022, Bolsonaro is the president of Brazil. He is racist, sexist and anti-science, promoting fake news to the population about COVID-19, causing a lot of people with wrong knowledges. Because of that, the students from Brazil are united to help in this critical moment, sharing the scientific knowledge to the poorest population.


Professionally, she is going to work in public health and mental health in Brazil. Within SAC, she will expect to be a nice Co-Lead and spread pieces of information about women’s health.