Rahul Mittal

Core Facilitator
Live Study Group Subdivision: webinar and quizzes team Lead

Medical Student
Gujarat, India


Rahul a pre final year MBBS student from Gujarat India. Aspiring to be a cardio thoracic vascular surgeon one day he find immense pleasure in doing community services as he feel it’s the only way to get something back to society. He also holds knee interests in doing research as he feels it’s the way we can bridge the gap between the health realted gaps we are having today. Rahul also loves carrom and chess and love travelling and meeting new people from different backgrounds and culture.


In today’s world when everyone one is becoming so much indulge in themselves Rahul feels we should support each other and help each other to grow both personally and professionally. He is adment believer of fact that we should heal ourselves before healing others. Having strong motivation of helping the people in need and those requires services and those who are not getting then he want to work for global health and taking the health services to ground level where it is required most and not reaching.


Through, the LSG team of SAC Rahul wants to help the peers and all others who want any kind of help in studies or anything as he believes in growing together. He also has goal to make equal distribution of helath services especially in his country where health services are not so equitable in distribution. He also aspires to open more opportunities and ways to help poor and needy people around the world.