Naman Shah

Live Study Groups Co-lead

Medical Student
Mumbai, India


Naman Shah is a Second year Medical student studying at Mgm Medical College Navi Mumbai , India . He is An active member of organisations apart from SAC such as MSAI , Rotaract Club of the Caduceus, SWITCH India  Global health and social media team, Sexual Health and reproductive rights, clinical resources, asylum seekers and refugees, translations, children health and safety, outreach, research, LGBTQIA+ healthcare and ambassador programme, AMSA-India . Ilaaj-violence under MSAI India, ABCD- AnyBodyCanDonate-MSAI Contraception Cafe-MSAI Basic clinical skills . Was in Literary Committee of MGM Medical College , Navi Mumbai For the fest- Xtasy,2019


Naman’s a challenge driven person and believes in giving back to the society more than getting from it. Being a Medical student and a future doctor I believe that God resides in each and every patient. I’ve always felt the need to help the needy and those who cant help themselves, this feeling helped to decide that Medicine is the perfect career for me and which suits my nature and personality.


Naman’s aim is to become a psychiatrist , as he has always been amused by how a human mind thinks and is fascinated by it. He wishes to be the best at work so that he will be able to help the people which are battling their mind and the demons deep within them. He wants to develop newer techniques which will help people to get stronger mentally without the help of drugs.