Mitalee Garg

Women's Health Team Co - Lead

Medical Student


Mitalee Garg is a final year medical student from India. She is a research enthusiast and a strong believer of equal opportunities for all.  She considers herself a work in progress and constantly works towards being a better version of herself everyday.


SAC has given Mitalee the perfect opportunity to be an advocate for women’s rights and using this amazing platform, she aims to facilitate change and give women’s health the required recognition. To bring to the notice the issues women face everyday in their lives however small they might be. And finally, to be able to bring about some positivity in these difficult times.


Through the Women’s Health team, Mitalee aims to bring together people, ideas and inspirations and make the world a better place for women. To create a safe space for ideas and thoughts and giving the team members equal and ample opportunities to be the change they want to see .