The #Students_Against_COVID Metro-Detroit team aims to bridge silos between existing and forthcoming metro-Detroit COVID-19 response and relief efforts and facilitate responsible promotion of each other’s initiatives. By doing so, we hope to connect prospective volunteers or allies with local initiatives that match their interests and abilities.

Local PPE Drives
Collecting for hospitals in need!
Healthcare Worker Thank You's
Collecting thank you letters for healthcare providers and other essential workers!

Meet The Leads

Alina Shafikova

Alina is an undergraduate student studying pre-medicine with a concentration in Biochemistry (BS) at Wayne State University. She strongly believes in advocating for equality, justice, and social reform to provide individuals a voice in their communities, thus building a unified society. Her passion for utilizing scientific insight in connecting with the world is a major factor in her academic pursuits. As a former co-volunteer coordinator for Circle K WSU, Alina has previous experience in organizing community outreach. When she is not volunteering in her community, Alina spends her time independently tutoring, and working as a Behavioral Therapist at Gateway Pediatric therapy.

Shanmin Sultana

Shanmin Sultana is an undergraduate student at Wayne State University (WSU) studying Sociology with a double minor in Public Health and Spanish. Shanmin works as a Student Assistant for the WSU Public Health Department, as well as mediator for Science Gallery Detroit. She co-founded “Replenish Detroit“, a student-led campaign that works to increase access to safe, affordable water and sanitation in Detroit. Shanmin also co-founded “Pauseitivity”, a WSU student organization that works to improve the mental and emotional health of students through positive thinking.

Mominah Farrukh is an undergraduate alum from the University of Michigan, with a degree in Neuroscience minor in Linguistics. She currently works for the Center for Neurological Studies, working with forensics settlement cases regarding traumatic brain injury. She is currently changing careers and transitioning to working in the justice system.