Mariam Jaza Murtaza

Core Facilitator
Logistics Co-Lead
Women’s Health Team Co-Lead
Evaluations Team

Medical Student
Bangalore, India


Mariam is a 2nd year Indian Medical Student (MBBS) at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore. She discovered her passion for Medicine while volunteering at a Women’s Hospital during school. She currently works with multiple NGO’s and Medical Student Organisations with the intent to increase literacy about Women’s Health and Mental Health in India. She is also a volunteer with Project Step One where she monitors COVID 19 positive patients who are currently in Home Isolation. Her main interests are Medicine, Technology and Public Health and her career goal is to build an entity that integrates them all.


In the current period of uncertainty Mariam hopes that with SAC she will be able to encourage students to take up an active role in society within their capacities. SAC is a great platform for students to collaborate and innovate, therefore, she wishes to spread this message. Personally, she hopes this experience will leave her with lasting friendships and a better understanding of global health.


Within SAC, Mariam hopes to build a strong internal infrastructure that promotes creativity and innovation among members, facilitates their endeavors and provides a seamless experience. With the Women’s Health Team she wishes to increase awareness and literacy about Women’s Health & Rights and provide a platform for ideation and execution of solutions.