Liana Shvachiy


EIT Health Alumni Board and Representative to SAC

Former Women’s Health Co-Lead

PhD Student
Goettingen, Germany and Lisbon, Portugal


Originally from Ukraine, lived 15 years in Portugal and currently living in Germany. BSc in Human Biology and MSc in Neurosciences. Currently, PhD student in Biomedical Sciences (founded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia), in several outstanding international institutes – University of Lisbon, University Medical Centre Göttingen (UMG) and Lancaster University. In February 2019 she became a Local Representative of EIT Health Alumni. Her constant dedication and hard work allowed her to become, in January 2020, the DACH Region Coordinator of the EIT Health Alumni Board, and, simultaneously, a PhD student and Ambassador of EIT Healthy Ageing PhD School (EIT Health Label).


Natural skill and drive to help others in any way possible and finding innovative ideas of doing it has always been the number one motivator to become a member of the healthcare community. Volunteering has always been part of the free time activities. During an outbreak of a pandemic, seeing how much the world suffers, she was eager to get out there and do something. Mental health, research and women health have always been of utmost interests for her to be working on.


 As a member of the board of EIT Health Alumni and leaders of Students Against COVID, Liana has brought both communities to work together to battle with the pandemics and build together the future of healthcare – more innovative, creative and sustainable.