Leah Sarah Peer

Core Facilitator

Co-Lead of Global Health and Social Media Team

Co- lead of asylum seekers and refugees team

Medical Student
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Leah Sarah Peer is a medical Student at Saint James School of Medicine from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She completed her Bachelor of Science, with a Specialization in Biology, and a Minor in Human Rights at Concordia University. Through her interactions with vulnerable populations in Canada, Costa Rica, South Africa and Anguilla, Leah was inspired to embark on her own advocacy journey. Mingling her passion for medicine with her human rights endeavours she aspires to serve humanity beyond the bounds of medical knowledge. Her research interests include pediatrics, oncology, global health, social justice and the provision of medical care for underserved communities across the world. 


As a Core-Facilitator, Leah aims to foster belonging and inclusion to unify the movement and compassionately strives to empower others to make a difference. Within Students_Against_COVID, she hopes to promote scientific evidence based facts as well as to ameliorate the suffering and threats to human health.


As the Co-Leads for the Global Health & Social Media Team and the Asylum Seekers & Refugees Team, Leah welcomes collaborations and new humanitarian projects in the sphere of medicine for the betterment of mankind.