Komal Parwani

Live Study Groups Co-lead

Medical Student


Komal Parwani is a second year medical student at MGM Medical College,Navi Mumbai, in India. Apart from SAC, she is also an active member of various organisations, namely- MSAI, Rotaract Club of the Caduceus, AMSA-India, GCMER and Switch India among others. She is also a National Team Member of Communications at GCMER, Raised funds for various causes under: ALERT-INDIA, HelpAge India,CANCER AID SOCIETY ,The Indian Development Foundation, Headed her team for Avanti Foundation Leadership Programwhere she raised funds to provide sanitary measures for 20+ sanitary workers. She has also organised various events under MSAI namely- Ilaaj, Breast Cancer Awareness Program, Umar, CAPE among others. Apart from this, she was also part of the organising committee at MedInvade 2020, where she conducted the session on “From Cancer Prevention to Cancer Advocacy”. She also is the co-lead of the Suicide Prevntion Campaign and the Cardiac Diseases Initiative under the Clinical Resources Team, at SAC.


 Komal’s main aim is to give back to the society as well as my fellow medical students, I have always believed in ‘service before self’, this is what has driven me to be an enthusiastic and passionate medical student.This ardency drives her to strive for perfection.


Komal plans to pursue neurology, from either a medical or surgical point of view, she aims at understanding the pain and suffering patients go through on a regular basis owing to their poor prognosis, or any other factor, she wants to help them get through this with strength and help them improve to the best of her capabilities, and lastly, she aims at achieving a more patient centered care and make healthcare accessible to the underprivileged as well.