General and clinical Research Co-Lead

Ontario, Canada


Ayah recently completed her master in management of applied science, specializing in global health systems from Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. Currently, she is completing an internship with a public health consultancy firm in Toronto, ON as a health promotion specialist and research analyst. She has several years of experience working in health promotion and youth advocacy, specifically with marginalized communities. Ayah is also a member of the Independent Lebanese Committee for the Elimination of COVID-19, a watchdog group concerned with the COVID response in Lebanon. Ayah is passionate about public and global health, pediatrics and the field of oncology.


Ayah is a learner who stems from curiosity. Her experience working within various disciplines motivates her to pursue personal growth by undertaking new opportunities. As the general and clinical research co-lead within Students Against Covid, she is motivated to increase capacity building efforts and empower others to work collaboratively to ultimately drive change during these unprecedented times.


To build connections that will bring collective knowledge and wisdom from all over the world; to facilitate and provide others with the correct tools and skill sets needed that will allow their voices to be heard; and to assist in the generation of new knowledge.