“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”
-Phil Collins

About Our Mentors

Our mentorship program aims to enhance research accessibility and build strong research networks. Our initiative also aims to serve as an effective platform for mentors to make their research more accessible by recruiting mentees and potentially conducting virtual learning sessions.

We, at SAC, are striving to curate more professional development for a number of our members who are often students or young professionals in order to enable them to be in a better shape to be tomorrow’s leaders.

We need guidance from professionals who are willing to open themselves up as mentors and hence call for collaborators from all around the world.

Our mentors can provide mentorship by primarily two ways:
1) Offering assistance to students which will help them in conducting good-quality research and equip them with necessary learning tools/resources
2) Commit to long term mentorship by recruiting mentees into ongoing projects. Please fill out this form if you are willing to advise a student on a one time basis or in a longer term mentorship role.

About Our Mentees

We, at SAC, strongly believe that valuable research networks and the right guidance can play a pivotal role in a student or a young professionals’ career development.

Our aim is to equip our mentees with various skill sets and encourage them to lead their own research teams which will help them in their pursuit of championing science.

We strive to curate mentorship relationships (one time meeting only or longer term depending on both parties preferences) as well in order to facilitate our mission and further help students and young professionals develop skill sets in order to enable them to be in better positions to make change now and in the future.