Tanya Rao

Tanya started working on the website for her great interest in technology, and SAC provided her the perfect opportunity to explore! She is a medical student from LHMC, Delhi. She loves to volunteer for social causes, which led her to joining SAC, and she is appreciative to lead the newly formed IT team. With her interest in public health, she has been eager to utilize the pandemic period for the betterment of people around her. In SAC, she sees a great opportunity to explore technology along with sharing impactful knowledge.

Sumaiya Nadeem

Sumaiya Nadeem is a second year medical student from BJMC Pune. She is originally from Calcutta where she has lived all her life before shifting to Pune for her UG. Sumaiya started out as the Domestic Violence Team Lead in SAC and is now one of the Core Facilitators. She has always enjoyed more than her share of technology and loves learning new softwares and applications. She has a personal blog on WordPress, which is how she started helping with the SAC website. Now she does it for fun!

Helly Thakkar

Being a third final medical student, Helly is balancing herself between academics and her contribution to the society in this pandemic. She served as a COVID warrior at SVP Hospital, Ahmedabad, treating and taking care of home quarantined COVID-19 patients. Her love for designing has been persistent since her initial college years where she was the Design team head at Adrenaline Medical Conference. And by her offering in the IT team of SAC, she is sustaining her love towards the same.

Preetisha S Das

She is a medical student from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. She enjoys reading and learning which is why she joined SAC as it has given her a lot of opportunities to learn different new things. She loves to volunteer and be a part of the team to work towards a common goal. Overall she is an enthusiastic person ready to help anytime. She hopes to have no regrets when she reaches the peak of her life and so she is always ready to try new things.

Priyanka Singh

She is a masters student of Biotechnology and hails from Kolkata, West Bengal. She has been volunteering at SAC from quite a long time. She has also been associated with the different SAC Teams like Mental Health Team, Finance and Proposals, Suicide prevention, Medico Writers and Ambassador Program. She likes to volunteer as it helps her to explore and imbibe new things. She joined the IT team to fulfill her curiosity about how websites work from editing to posting stuffs. She wishes to work with the IT team and contribute as much as she can.


Waseem Wahood

Waseem Wahood is a second-year medical student in Florida. He has a background in health economics, global outreach, medical education, clinical research, and humanitarianism. He worked as a clinical assistant in an underserved community at his hometown in Chicago for several years, volunteered in several local and global humanitarian groups, and produced clinical research projects before entering medical school.

Maria Gkimpi

Maria is currently an undergraduate student nurse at the University of Thessaly in Greece.Maria is passionate about clinical research and education: she is driven by her constant will to learn, assist others  and surpass her limits. She firmly believes in lifelong learning and the importance of adjustment in any situation, trying to make the most out of it. By joining SAC, she wishes to track down any problem caused by the pandemic, methodically analyse it and help in finding efficient, creative solutions or answers, and clarify the reality of the situation by questioning the information bombarding the public.

Mahima Saptarshi

Mahima is a 2nd year Medical student in Mumbai, India. She is an active member of SAC and looks forward to taking part in many more events and projects.


Learn new things everyday!!