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#Students_Against_COVID has been described in several other news outlets and blogs (each is linked to respective article)

In English: Student ProblemsBaklava MagMichigan DailyThe New Hellenic TimesThe European Sting, and Voices of Youth

In Greek: The New Hellenic Times

In Ukranian: Gleauty and UMSA

World Medical Students Association

World Medical Students is an association founded in Dschang University, Cameroon. They are hosting a series of facebook live videos related to the covid19 pandemic and other trending issues in Medicine and Health Science in general.
Christos Tsagkaris was invited to give a presentation concerning #covid19. During this presentation SAC was introduced to WMS’s members and followers. 

The European Student Think Tank

The European Student Think Tank (EST) is a European NGO aiming to bridge the gap between students and EU institutions. Since February 2020 a series of webcasts exploring the impact of the pandemic on students and young professionals is hosted in the EST studio in

On March 25 2020, Marina Haque presented SAC during a discussion with students and young professionals from 12 countries. This presentation made the movement more visible in Europe stimulating the interest of EST members and partners and setting the fundaments of an alliance with the EST

Bukovinian International Medical Congress

The Bukovinian International Medical Congress (BIMCO) 2020 took place online on 7 and 8 April 2020. As part of the opening ceremony Christos gave a presentation in which he introduced SAC to the conference participants (250+ people from 48 countries)