Ikshita Nagar

Core Facilitator
Women’s Health Team Co- lead, Global Health and Social Media- Design Team Lead

Medical Student


Ikshita is a third year medical student from India. She is a dreamer, believer and achiever. She believes in working to create a positive impact, no matter how big or small. She loves to design and hopes all her designs create ripples in the sea of change. She has a huge interest in public health, especially women’s health as it is a quite neglected issue. She aims to create awareness about it and leave an everlasting impact.


Ikshita is motivated to uplift the quality of knowledge and services, especially in terms of women’s health. She aims to use all the knowledge and resources she can to reach out to the masses and create change. She hopes to use her designing talent to create awareness amongst the masses.


With the great amount of exposure and resources that SAC has to offer, she hopes that the team uses them judiciously to create awareness for the cause. She hopes that all the members give their sincere contributions to make the initiatives a great success and to initiate a revolutionary change.