General and clinical Research team

Our research team aims to provide a space that facilitates effective research, collaboration and productivity.

Several ways we strive to do this is by collating research membership opportunities for our members, creating member driven projects, curating networking opportunities and facilitating presentations of existing COVID-19 related research.

Team Leads

Ayah Karra-Aly

Ayah has recently completed her master of management of applied science (MMASc) with a specialization in global health systems from Western University's Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. Currently she is completing her internship with a public health consultancy firm in Toronto, Ontario as a health promotion specialist and research analyst. She has several years of experience working in health promotion and youth advocacy, specifically with marginalized communities. An aspiring global health leader, Ayah is motivated and committed to being a part of the solution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zoha Asghar

Zoha is a third year medical student from Karachi, Pakistan. She is passionate about research and global health. She aspires to become a pediatrician and has experience with various volunteering organizations. She is heavily involved with projects at her school which range from public speaking to community service to event planning in order to create opportunities essential for shaping one's experience at med school.


Research Team

Our general and research collaboration platform aims to provide a means of networking and dissemination of authentic medical literature essential for championing science. Our mission is to foster a culture of research and innovation for students and young professionals who are a part of SAC.

We are currently looking forward to building valuable research networks through hosting research methodology sessions, informative research webinars and by providing research mentorship opportunities. 

Conference Task Force

#Students_Against_COVID conference taskforce aims to provide information about free online scientific events globally in cooperation with ICOMS and ISEMS platform.

We plan to facilitate partnerships with various conferences, delivering talks and workshops and engaging people in the movement.

The task force’s final step is to organize SAC led webinars, seminars and conferences. Conference representatives and enthusiasts-regardless of their affiliations or experience- are welcome to reach out and join!