gauri mehta

Women’s Health Team, Maternal Health Team

Medical Student,


is an undergraduate medical student from India. Getting involved with various types of public health NGOs since a tender age framed her interest and passion towards taking up medicine as a career. Turning ‘why’ to ‘why not’ she takes keen interest in public health and research and aims to work towards an inclusive and mutually progressive society. Is a firm believer that small changes indeed can make a big difference!



Women’s Health undoubtedly, is the most important aspect of healthcare and if given due attention can uplift community health as a whole significantly. Students Against Covid is a wonderful platform to educate and raise awareness on the different aspects of maternal health. Organising health education programs for the mass in order to raise awareness, educate and help create a society of solidarity while addressing important health issues.


 Utilising all that SAC has to offer, she aims to create an environment of inclusivity. Help people and more importantly women voice their issues and guide them with the solutions.
All in all, work to make a difference and assist to make the world a better place to live in.