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“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress while working together is a success.”

Sumaiya Nadeem


Medical Student from Pune, India

Sumaiya is a dreamer and she believes the world can be a beautiful and a better place for you and for me. And she tries, in her capacity to bring active change, one step at a time.

She’s involved in numerous organisations and holds multiple posts at various levels.

Sumaiya attended a Human Rights Trainers’ workshop recently and was amazed at how little she knew about issues like Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking. Ever since she’s taken it upon herself to read, watch and learn more about such pertinent issues that are still very prevalent in our world. A strong advocate of Mental Health, Feminism and the LGBTQ+ community. 

Sumaiya is involved in multiple projects and researches addressing their issues. She believes that we can change the perspective of the world.

There’s only one goal on her list – To leave the world a better place than how she found it. She truly believes that we’re all in this together and organisations like SAC bring together like-minded individuals who can leave a footprint in the sands of time. With effects that will last longer than we will. Together, she thinks, that we can make it.

Sharvari Surve



Sharvari is associated and is a part of many organizations like IFMSA and AMSA. She loves having discussions about difficult topics and hearing different points of view. She is keen on topics like gender equality, sexual health and reproductive rights, LGBTQIA+ rights. Mental Health is also a huge area of focus for Sharvari, as most issues in this world, by her belief, stem from here (or rather lack of it). 

Sharvari is a Local Officer(2020-21) of the NMO, MSAI. She has organized many events and webinars relating to menstrual health, body positivity, doctor-patient confidentiality, and mental health in the Pandemic.

Sharvari has never turned away from learning opportunities. When the opportunity arose to Co- Lead the Domestic Violence Subdivision, she was eager to take this challenge up.

She believes in empowering those without power and this platform allows her to do the same.

Sharvari’s personal motto is – Communication is Underrated. She believes that we, as a society, should be having less debates and more conversations, and she strives to live through example. Her goal is to build on the accomplishments of her team and help the victims and potential victims of Domestic Abuse truly achieve financial, social, and emotional independence.

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