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“From every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, I survived.”
-Fr. Craig Scott

This event was in collaboration with AMSA (Asian Medical Students' Association)

FAAAST- First Aid for Acid Attack Survivors and Tales

Every year hundreds of women are victims of acid attacks and the days of staying silent are long gone. 

The time for action is now! 

One of the main tools we have for that is talking about it. 

With that in mind, the Domestic Violence Team conducted, in partnership with the PHRD of AMSA India, the FAAAST (First Aid for Acid Attack Survivors and Tales) Workshop conducted by Dr. Deepti Gupta, MBBS, MS, M Ch. Plastic Surgery.

This activity was accompanying the “LOVE: Unplugged” Virtual concert as a pre-event workshop. 

We received more than 250 applications and selected 80 participants, who learned how to provide first aid management and care for acid attacks victims.

Then the participants were able to test their knowledge on the topic in a bingo round. 

What about the prize for the winners? Tickets to our “LOVE: Unplugged” Virtual Concert!

We also had the great pleasure to receive acid attacks survivors from the Chhanv Foundation. They inspired and touched us by sharing with our public their story of overcoming and persevering.

Attendees had the most enlightening experience of their lives while interacting with these real life heroes. 

We hope that no one will ever find themselves in a situation where they need to use the knowledge learned in the workshop, but we also believe that, if necessary, they may be able to provide support

We cannot change the world alone, but together we can help to transform it into a better place.

LOVE: Unplugged (Virtual Concert and Fundraiser)

With amazing soulful performances by Stavya Kaila, Rahul Rangan, Nikhil Paul George, Dr. Tara Ragendran and One+One, this was our most popular event. We launched our booklet “A survivor’s guide to acid attacks” and raised a total of ₹15,000 for the Chaanv Foundation.

Suicide Prevention Week

One of the most common causes of suicide in Women is Domestic Violence, so, in the spirit of suicide prevention day and week, Domestic Violence team of SAC organized the following activities.

1. Reel Revolution

Screening of the movie “Inside Out” by Disney’s Pixar animations.

2. Awareness Video for Suicide Prevention Week

3. Free therapy cards on occasion of Suicide Prevention Day

Arranged free therapy cards for all the participants of the suicide prevention webinar organised by the suicide prevention team of SAC.

Heal and Rise Above


In light of the ever rising cases of domestic violence in every form and in every corner of the world during this pandemic, The Women’s Health Team conducted a mental health webinar – Heal and Rise Above.

The webinar covered how to identify an abusive relationship and tackle the consequences it has on your mental health with the help of our distinguished speaker, Dr. Samir Parikh, consultant psychiatrist with Fortis Healthcare; Director – Fortis National Mental Health Program; Author; TedEx speaker and much more

Guts & Glory


In light of the ever-increasing cases of Domestic Violence during this pandemic, the Women’s Health Team of Students_Against_Covid (sub team – Domestic Violence Team) collaborated with Girl Up Noor, a club in the girl up campaign, a UN Foundation initiative, for GUTS AND GLORY – an hour long self defence workshop, led by Coach Ocean Singh, a martial artist and a self defence trainer, to equip all with basic techniques to defend ourselves in unprecedented situations.