Christos Tsagkaris

Core facilitator
Conference Taskforce Co-Lead

Medical Student
Athens, Greece


Christos is a 5th year medical student at the University of Crete (UoC), graduating in July 2021. He is affiliated with several scientific students associations and NGOs, including the Association of European Cancer Leagues, where he serves as a Youth Ambassador, the European Student Think Tank, where he holds the office of the Editor in Chief and the NovelMeds. Christos has lived and worked in Taiwan, Lebanon, Brazil and Mexico.


Being passionate about travelling, networking and working with people from all over the globe, he has a keen interest in Medical Humanities and Space Medicine among others. Identifying himself as a multitasking person, he welcomes any new endeavor asking “Why not?”. Writing and editing between various genres from scientific articles to poetry and fiction as well as painting are some of his most favorite endeavors.


Christos envisions the movement as a virtual Agora where students and allies across the globe cross paths, bring up ideas, exchange constructive feedback, and build synergies under the notion of “Act – React – Impact”