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Catastrophic Impact of COVID-19 On Child Labour in Afghanistan

By Abubakr Yosufi Decades of war and insecurity, have increased poverty all over Afghanistan. One of the consequences of this overwhelming poverty is the rising number of cases of child labour. After Talibans were defeated, a new government was formed with high hopes & aspirations of the people of the country. Many countries came together […]


By Jayson B. Abad Welcome to the world full of lies,Where it’s good to be fake than being right.The world that has forgotten its past,The world that remains unaware of what it was.Welcome to the world, where only progress is acknowledged and not the killed rainforest. Is this the world we have been working so […]

Increased Screen Time During Covid

By Asim Mehmood Pandemic took us by awe & caught everyone off guard, keeping us under its wrap and still we don’t know for how long it is going to stay put with us.During this time we exploited certain situations which we postulated would never be customary. However, we survived because we are living a […]

Mental Health In The Times Of COVID

By Faatimah Maryam Muzammil Stepping out of the house to buy groceries now involves an array of new steps. Step 1 – Wearing a mask,Step 2 – Never forget to wear gloves and,Step 3- Maintain Social distancing. Every individual had numerous ideas with respect to what the year 2020 would look like but not one […]

Live through the competitive world: Pandemic Situation

Live through the competitive world: Pandemic Situation “Motivation without action is nothing more than an illusion” By Intan Dwikarlina Instagram Linkedin I believe we, once or maybe even twice, have been trapped into situations where everybody seems to move (way too) swiftly. We could barely catch up with them  on the other side. At those […]

Me, You, Us vs COVID

Me, You, Us vs COVID-19 “Is it over yet?” By Samantha Simboo Covid-19, lockdown, pandemic, and death.I’m patiently waiting for the day when I can ask “is it over yet?”Fascinating that a microscopic virus can cause a global crisis,Where life and the new normal is now confined to electronic devices; But why is it that […]

Education in COVID-19

Education during COVID-19 “Amidst every difficulty lies an opportunity.” By Elisha Chophla Instagram Everyone is well aware that Guns might kill terrorists but a pen in right hands can kill terrorism! No doubt that the pandemic has changed our lives most importantly  the education system. From being physically present in class, giggling with our friends, […]

Educational Crisis in Jordan

“Direct education in Jordan is the base, and resorting to e-learning is an exception, to which the necessity has made the priority of preserving the health of students, teachers.”

Rant of a Chaotic Mind

The pain has me in an invisible chokehold making it impossible to gulp those precious sips of air.

Misinterpreted Mental Health

Mental health disorders are prevalent in the current age, affecting one in four people, according to the World Health Organisation. Most people, regrettably, have devised a stigmatizing outlook of mental illness due to the extremely incorrect portrayals by pop culture. People mistakenly believe that those having a mental disorder are ‘crazy and dangerous beings who […]