Category: Struggles and Socials in COVID19

Live through the competitive world: Pandemic Situation

Live through the competitive world: Pandemic Situation “Motivation without action is nothing more than an illusion” By Intan Dwikarlina Instagram Linkedin I believe we, once or maybe even twice, have been trapped into situations where everybody seems to move (way too) swiftly. We could barely catch up with them  on the other side. At those […]

Me, You, Us vs COVID

Me, You, Us vs COVID-19 “Is it over yet?” By Samantha Simboo Covid-19, lockdown, pandemic, and death.I’m patiently waiting for the day when I can ask “is it over yet?”Fascinating that a microscopic virus can cause a global crisis,Where life and the new normal is now confined to electronic devices; But why is it that […]

Education in COVID-19

Education during COVID-19 “Amidst every difficulty lies an opportunity.” By Elisha Chophla Instagram Everyone is well aware that Guns might kill terrorists but a pen in right hands can kill terrorism! No doubt that the pandemic has changed our lives most importantly  the education system. From being physically present in class, giggling with our friends, […]

Educational Crisis in Jordan

“Direct education in Jordan is the base, and resorting to e-learning is an exception, to which the necessity has made the priority of preserving the health of students, teachers.”

Rant of a Chaotic Mind

The pain has me in an invisible chokehold making it impossible to gulp those precious sips of air.

Misinterpreted Mental Health

Mental health disorders are prevalent in the current age, affecting one in four people, according to the World Health Organisation. Most people, regrettably, have devised a stigmatizing outlook of mental illness due to the extremely incorrect portrayals by pop culture. People mistakenly believe that those having a mental disorder are ‘crazy and dangerous beings who […]

Representation of suicide in fiction

For as long as humans have told stories, the concept of suicide has been folded in as a palatable way to depict turmoil. Tragedy in itself is too abstract to fully grasp on to, so storytellers have learned to channel it through accessible tropes. Romeo and Juliet chose to poison themselves rather than being separate, […]

Covid19 Vaccine- A race for life

Written By: Hana Iqbal Overcrowded hospitals, overworked doctors and nurses, crippling economy, stock market crashes, quarantines and isolations, unemployment, human rights issues, protests, and; one solution- The Vaccine. It’s a vaccine that’s most likely to bring an end to the pandemic. Since the beginning of the pandemic, scientists from all over the world have been […]


“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”− Einstein, 1929. Music is a fundamental attribute of the human species. Virtually all cultures, from the most primitive to the most advanced, make music. […]

Kudos to Quarantine?

When the dark force took over the skies and enwrapped its wings around the globe, spreading its evil essence of fear into the air – killing and spreading devastation across countries, we saw ‘socializing’ come into the spotlight.  We realised that the only way to save maximum lives in the pandemic was to keep social […]