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Catastrophic Impact of COVID-19 On Child Labour in Afghanistan

By Abubakr Yosufi Decades of war and insecurity, have increased poverty all over Afghanistan. One of the consequences of this overwhelming poverty is the rising number of cases of child labour. After Talibans were defeated, a new government was formed with high hopes & aspirations of the people of the country. Many countries came together […]


By Moukendi Misenga Pong Song Shin Christine : InstagramMoukendi Misenga Pong Song Shin : Facebook Wake up, please move on, I know he would like you to do so.What is gone never dies, because it still lives inside usLive now, not just for you but for all the souls that are hereRight next to […]


By Jayson B. Abad Welcome to the world full of lies,Where it’s good to be fake than being right.The world that has forgotten its past,The world that remains unaware of what it was.Welcome to the world, where only progress is acknowledged and not the killed rainforest. Is this the world we have been working so […]

Significance of Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness regarding breast cancer, pink color, and ribbons symbolises breast cancer awareness and support.

The state of refugees amidst COVID-19 in Afghanistan

The current COVID-19 pandemic has heavily burdened the health     care system in Afghanistan. As it was previously anticipated; Afghanistan has faced countless challenges in the era of the novel pandemic. These challenges posed an unprecedented level of burden on healthcare systems.  Except for the external refugees that were constantly returning, there was the mobility of […]

The Coronavirus Disease: An Emergency Alert

An article by Tirth Patel Check out his biography: “I live in Canton city in the state of Michigan, the United States. I am a college freshman majoring in Biology at Eastern Michigan University. By being a PreMed, I am with a strong desire to get into a medical school and accomplish my dream of […]

Kudos to Quarantine?

When the dark force took over the skies and enwrapped its wings around the globe, spreading its evil essence of fear into the air – killing and spreading devastation across countries, we saw ‘socializing’ come into the spotlight.  We realised that the only way to save maximum lives in the pandemic was to keep social […]

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Author’s Blog: The current situation has everyone locked away in their homes, due to the risk of catching the virus. Self-quarantine and social distancing has led to more people feeling lonely, depressed or anxious. They mistake this boredom for loneliness and prefer to dwell in self-pity rather than utilising this “time- period” to catch […]

Student Interview