Category: Human Rights In the Time of COVID​19

Catastrophic Impact of COVID-19 On Child Labour in Afghanistan

By Abubakr Yosufi Decades of war and insecurity, have increased poverty all over Afghanistan. One of the consequences of this overwhelming poverty is the rising number of cases of child labour. After Talibans were defeated, a new government was formed with high hopes & aspirations of the people of the country. Many countries came together […]


By Jayson B. Abad Welcome to the world full of lies,Where it’s good to be fake than being right.The world that has forgotten its past,The world that remains unaware of what it was.Welcome to the world, where only progress is acknowledged and not the killed rainforest. Is this the world we have been working so […]

The Human Rights of Syrian Refugees

Human rights are the moral principles of standard human behavior inherent to people of all race, identity, nationality, gender, religion, and any other status.1 These rights are protected by legal authorities to promote the fundamental freedom of individuals, such as guarding the rights of individuals suffering from violations, in the form of abuse and torment […]

Human Rights of Women in Nigeria: The COVID-19 Perspective

Nigeria is a country situated in sub-saharan (West) Africa, bounded in the north by Niger republic, north-east by Chad, in the south by the Atlantic ocean and west by Benin republic. ¹With a population of over 200 million people, Nigeria is notably the most populated country in Africa. In 2010 when the country had an […]

Pandemic Results in an Outbreak of Social Revelations.

By: Sabila Siddiqui For the first time in history, we can save the human race by lying in front of the tv doing nothing. Let’s not screw this up. It’s a coronavirus pun-demic, dark humor is thriving more than ever, consuming the striking events of this year. But, moving onto the real concerning the topic […]