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By Moukendi Misenga Pong Song Shin Christine : InstagramMoukendi Misenga Pong Song Shin : Facebook Wake up, please move on, I know he would like you to do so.What is gone never dies, because it still lives inside usLive now, not just for you but for all the souls that are hereRight next to […]

Increased Screen Time During Covid

By Asim Mehmood Pandemic took us by awe & caught everyone off guard, keeping us under its wrap and still we don’t know for how long it is going to stay put with us.During this time we exploited certain situations which we postulated would never be customary. However, we survived because we are living a […]

Mental Health In The Times Of COVID

By Faatimah Maryam Muzammil Stepping out of the house to buy groceries now involves an array of new steps. Step 1 – Wearing a mask,Step 2 – Never forget to wear gloves and,Step 3- Maintain Social distancing. Every individual had numerous ideas with respect to what the year 2020 would look like but not one […]

Covid19 Vaccine- A race for life

Written By: Hana Iqbal Overcrowded hospitals, overworked doctors and nurses, crippling economy, stock market crashes, quarantines and isolations, unemployment, human rights issues, protests, and; one solution- The Vaccine. It’s a vaccine that’s most likely to bring an end to the pandemic. Since the beginning of the pandemic, scientists from all over the world have been […]

The Coronavirus Disease: An Emergency Alert

An article by Tirth Patel Check out his biography: “I live in Canton city in the state of Michigan, the United States. I am a college freshman majoring in Biology at Eastern Michigan University. By being a PreMed, I am with a strong desire to get into a medical school and accomplish my dream of […]

IN IT TOGETHER ( Covid-19)

In a world where we are, too busy to look up from our phones,  Caught up in invisible competition,  Driven by thoughts, arguments and unseen complexities,  The novel coronavirus seems to have  Engulfed countries , and Engulfed Economies.  Necessities people thought they couldn’t survive without,  Unfortunately seems like a luxury today.  Forced to stay at […]