Category: Social Life In the Time of COVID19

Catastrophic Impact of COVID-19 On Child Labour in Afghanistan

By Abubakr Yosufi Decades of war and insecurity, have increased poverty all over Afghanistan. One of the consequences of this overwhelming poverty is the rising number of cases of child labour. After Talibans were defeated, a new government was formed with high hopes & aspirations of the people of the country. Many countries came together […]

Cultural Competency Amidst COVID-19

Cultural Competency Amidst COVID-19 Cultural competency is a powerful tool for developing immediate trust amongst such communities so that the healthcare information is dispersed with ease and interventions become more effective.  By Dr. Abubakr Yosufi Disasters particularly pandemics, deteriorate and exacerbate: social, economic and healthcarecircumstances. They increase the vulnerability in various groups by affecting them […]

Live through the competitive world: Pandemic Situation

Live through the competitive world: Pandemic Situation “Motivation without action is nothing more than an illusion” By Intan Dwikarlina Instagram Linkedin I believe we, once or maybe even twice, have been trapped into situations where everybody seems to move (way too) swiftly. We could barely catch up with them  on the other side. At those […]

Me, You, Us vs COVID

Me, You, Us vs COVID-19 “Is it over yet?” By Samantha Simboo Covid-19, lockdown, pandemic, and death.I’m patiently waiting for the day when I can ask “is it over yet?”Fascinating that a microscopic virus can cause a global crisis,Where life and the new normal is now confined to electronic devices; But why is it that […]

Misinterpreted Mental Health

Mental health disorders are prevalent in the current age, affecting one in four people, according to the World Health Organisation. Most people, regrettably, have devised a stigmatizing outlook of mental illness due to the extremely incorrect portrayals by pop culture. People mistakenly believe that those having a mental disorder are ‘crazy and dangerous beings who […]

HERSTORY- Not A Fairy Tale

Why is that something that is so fundamental to Women end up being the most controversial in the Developmental agenda? Joyce Banda (Former President of Malawi)          Women’s bodies continue to give birth to all of civilization and yet have been neglected for centuries. The situation has been worsened by the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. Around the world, […]

Kudos to Quarantine?

When the dark force took over the skies and enwrapped its wings around the globe, spreading its evil essence of fear into the air – killing and spreading devastation across countries, we saw ‘socializing’ come into the spotlight.  We realised that the only way to save maximum lives in the pandemic was to keep social […]


Author’s Blog: The current situation has everyone locked away in their homes, due to the risk of catching the virus. Self-quarantine and social distancing has led to more people feeling lonely, depressed or anxious. They mistake this boredom for loneliness and prefer to dwell in self-pity rather than utilising this “time- period” to catch […]