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Cultural Competency Amidst COVID-19

Cultural Competency Amidst COVID-19 Cultural competency is a powerful tool for developing immediate trust amongst such communities so that the healthcare information is dispersed with ease and interventions become more effective.  By Dr. Abubakr Yosufi Disasters particularly pandemics, deteriorate and exacerbate: social, economic and healthcarecircumstances. They increase the vulnerability in various groups by affecting them […]

Live through the competitive world: Pandemic Situation

Live through the competitive world: Pandemic Situation “Motivation without action is nothing more than an illusion” By Intan Dwikarlina Instagram Linkedin I believe we, once or maybe even twice, have been trapped into situations where everybody seems to move (way too) swiftly. We could barely catch up with them  on the other side. At those […]

Eat Your Way to Good Health

Eat Your way to Good Health “Life will give you what you demand, not what you think you deserve.” By Michael Oboh It is often said that “life will give you what you demand, not what you think you deserve.” Likewise, your body may not give you good health simply because you think you deserve […]

Me, You, Us vs COVID

Me, You, Us vs COVID-19 “Is it over yet?” By Samantha Simboo Covid-19, lockdown, pandemic, and death.I’m patiently waiting for the day when I can ask “is it over yet?”Fascinating that a microscopic virus can cause a global crisis,Where life and the new normal is now confined to electronic devices; But why is it that […]

Education in COVID-19

Education during COVID-19 “Amidst every difficulty lies an opportunity.” By Elisha Chophla Instagram Everyone is well aware that Guns might kill terrorists but a pen in right hands can kill terrorism! No doubt that the pandemic has changed our lives most importantly  the education system. From being physically present in class, giggling with our friends, […]

Take Care, Not Antibiotics

A poem about the dangers of antibiotic resistance

The AIDS Crisis : A Pandemic of Cruelty

The AIDS Crisis : A Pandemic of Cruelty “American gays, at least younger ones, had worked through their self-hatred in the post-Stonewall 70s but that internalised homophobia had come back with the AIDS stigma in the 1980s,” said Edmund White, LGBTQIA+ rights activist who lived during the AIDS crisis. “We knew we were a hated […]

City of Joy-Kolkata

“Let every action of mine be something beautiful for God. “

Significance of Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness regarding breast cancer, pink color, and ribbons symbolises breast cancer awareness and support.

Breaking the chain of infection

 These small measures can the “Sanjeevani” to  remain safe even if we cannot avoid coming into contact with the pathogen.