Avantika Singh

Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights Team
(Women Health Team Subdivision)

Medical Student
Ahmedabad, India


Avantika is a 3rd year medical student from GMERS Medical College Sola, Ahmedabad. She is from UP.People describe Avantika as a foody, fashionista and a successful blogger. She is passionate about dancing and cooking, loves Grey’s Anatomy and F.R.I.E.N.D.S, suspense as a genre and she is a die hard fan of herself as she truly believes “Main apni hi favourite ho” (I am my favourite).



Being from UP, Avantika understands that there are a lot of sexual myths and taboos that are prevailing out there. During her college times, she has attended several workshops related to sexual health and reproductive rights. While applying for the SHRR team, the only thought that was there in her mind was to try and contribute in making the world a better place for the girls or women out there to openly discuss their sexual health and to stand up for their reproductive rights.


Main goal is to try and create a comfortable world for the females out there, so that they can openly discuss their sexual health and stand up for their reproductive rights. She believes that organizations like SAC will help her achieve her goal.