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The Coronavirus Disease: An Emergency Alert

An article by Tirth Patel Check out his biography: “I live in Canton city in the state of Michigan, the United States. I am a college freshman majoring in Biology at Eastern Michigan University. By being a PreMed, I am with a strong desire to get into a medical school and accomplish my dream of […]

Kudos to Quarantine?

When the dark force took over the skies and enwrapped its wings around the globe, spreading its evil essence of fear into the air – killing and spreading devastation across countries, we saw ‘socializing’ come into the spotlight.  We realised that the only way to save maximum lives in the pandemic was to keep social […]

Student Interview


Author’s Blog: The current situation has everyone locked away in their homes, due to the risk of catching the virus. Self-quarantine and social distancing has led to more people feeling lonely, depressed or anxious. They mistake this boredom for loneliness and prefer to dwell in self-pity rather than utilising this “time- period” to catch […]

Student Interview


I look out of the window, aching for the sun’sglimpse,only to find clouds of uncertainty floating inBetween my heart and these clouds, there’s adiscomforting resemblanceboth in need of letting go of some water tofeel relieved!Every time I step out of the doorI see noses peeking out of the masks,blessed to smell the marigolds,but equally guilty […]

Realise, Relax and Retreat

Ever since the pandemic of COVID-19 hit the world, there seems to be no end to its longevity. The never-ending quarantine that the pandemic has left us with, seems to have created a myriad of turmoils and discord inside each one of us. With each passing day, the effects of COVID 19 on various aspects […]