Arusa Ilyas


Video Team Lead
Interview Team Lead
Evaluations Team

Medical Student
Halifax, U.K.


Arusa is a fifth-year British Medical Student hoping to enter into a U.K. hospital trust foundation programme in the coming year, expecting the programme provides her with the training to become a compassionate physician to individual patients and a skilled medical researcher pushing the boundaries of knowledge outside of academics

Arusa is driven by the curiosity of finding new scientific discoveries and translating them into improved patient care. She has an appreciation for the importance and potential impact of integrating basic science research and clinical medicine to improve patient outcome and quality of life, her current research interests are drugs effective against SARS-CoV-2.


Arusa’s main goal within Students against COVID is to lead the video team of 40+ students and allies to increase public health awareness by providing factual scientific content via videos. She believes social media is a key way to raise awareness about stigmas related to COVID19.