arpit mago

Women's Health Team
Co lead Maternal health Team

Medical Student


A Third year Medical student in India,Arpit is  a self made human rights and global health activist. He is leads a national health project on Mental health for promotion of postive attitude,fighting stresses and improving overall health.He is very inclined towards Bioethics and its application especially in providing abortion care. He has attended International conference on the imminent problem of Stunting in South east Asia .He has also participated in the MIT COVID CHALLENGE  wherein his team developed prototypical models for providing education accessible even to the remotest corners of the country. He has also participated in an Empathy based enquiry techniques workshop organised by renowned faculty from Stanford University. A hard core believer in legal remedies and rights for all  he intends to organise sessions for girls on how to tackle any kind of stalking,bullying for their development. intends to An avid reader ,researcher and travel enthusiast he aims to bridge the gap between what is intended and achieved in medical curriculum


I aim to align interests and model behaviour  to involve not just females but even males into the mainstream  to understand the objectives of The Women Health Team .Though we have adopted new ways of living but yet thr concept of women health especially mothers iis often undermined.Safe abortion,reproductive and sexual health are merely focussed in curriculum of all health courses .Leading  efforts to destigmatise and integrate necessary skills into Medical education is my priority. My sincere attempt would be educate society in general about that forcing women into unsafe practices for male child birth like female infanticide has massive repercussions on women health someone who have the power to change the entire world.


To create a cognizant and empowered society where women are self reliant,able to achieve their dreams and participate proactively in building a better and safe society.