Ananya Vadhera


Virtual Events’ Team

Medical Student
Delhi, India


Ananya Vadhera is a 2nd year MBBS student from the leading medical college of India, Maulana Azad Medical College. She is an all-rounder, with her excellent performance in studies, her passion for basketball, her delight in dancing, an avid reader and a keen researcher. She is an eloquent communicator and has great interpersonal skills. She believes that communication is a core skill – especially in her field. She loves to participate in various events, and has always been eager to engage people in events.  Being technologically adept, she feels that virtual events and competitions are a great way to address problems right from the comfort of your homes. She has conducted over 10 events nationally, the highlights of which focused on mental health of the young generation.


SAC brings together different populations of the world, and with that an exchange of problems. The confluence of different minds brings forth new and more efficient ideas to old problems. Ananya wishes to contribute to the cause of SAC by using her leadership skills to bring innovative virtual events.


Ananya believes that each person is entitled to an outstanding system of healthcare. Her end-goal in life is to serve people with medical skills that she would develop. During the pandemic, she wishes to provide support to people – mentally and otherwise – by doing events that promote social communication during a physical isolation period.