Ananya Bhasin

Women's Health Team Co-Lead
Global Health Team- LGBTQIA+ Sub-Team Co-Lead

Medical Student
Mumbai, India


Ananya Bhasin is a 1st year MBBS student from MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai, India. Other than her academics, she is passionate about human rights and justice and constantly aims to be a better version of herself everyday. She’s also affiliated with various organizations in India and globally and has gained a newfound interest in the field of research. Her other interests are designing, writing, travelling and dancing.


Being a women’s health team and LGBTQIA+ sub-team lead, Ananya is motivated to contribute to a platform that is equal to all and prioritizes the health and human rights of all vulnerable populations on the same level as that of anyone else. COVID-19 has impacted everyone immensely and as a medical student, she considers it as her duty to be of active help in this fight against the pandemic.


Her goals for #Students_Against_COVID and her teams is to ensure that through our campaigns and resources, healthcare can be accessible to all. Her personal goals are to develop her leadership and organizational skills and create meaningful professional and personal connections through SAC.M