Ana Sofia Mota

Former Core Facilitator and Women’s Health Team Co-Lead

Medical Trainee


Ana Sofia Mota is a portuguese final year medical student, soon to be entering residency. She fell in love with Public Health and has already gotten involved in numerous initiatives, having a special interest in Global Health and hoping to work on the area one day. Fascinated by the Universe since her childhood, after attending the European Space Agency Human Space Physiology Training Course, she became a founding member of the portuguese Club of Medical Students and Aerospatial Life Sciences.

Ana Sofia did her Erasmus placement in Milan, Italy, and won a scholarship from her receiving institution to study Italian Language and Culture at the University’s headquarters at Garda’s Lake. She is also a model.


A traveller and passionate about art and humanities, she deeply enjoys how Students Against COVID-19 connected people from all around the planet under the same values, regarding the movement as a small example of how her ideal world would be. Being eclectic and curious, she truly can not say no to something she believes in.


Ana Sofia hopes that SAC may establish itself as a leading organization in giving voice to students and speak up for global causes, without losing its multicultural, respectful and dynamic soul. Women’s Health and Rights and Gender Equality in all spheres is one of her priorities, regarding SAC as a strong opportunity to spread awareness.