Ahsan Zil E Ali


General and Clinical Research Advisor

Public Health Student


Ahsan is a physician from Pakistan and currently a public health student at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He was in surgery training in his home country prior to stepping into public health. He is a strong proponent of health equity and building safer health systems in developing countries. For a long time, he has been affiliated with numerous local and governmental initiatives in the Lahore city to make health accessible in the remote areas of his country. He understands the health policies and the complex nature of economic structures in the developing parts of the world and by his public health expertise, he wants to build robust health systems that can be self-sustaining, financiaally viable and with standardized quality.

Through practicing the art of surgery, science of public health and understanding of the community practices, he wants to set new standards of healthcare leadership that can take the lead in challenging situations. He is steadfast in his aims of advocating equity all across medicine, reducing disparities and establishing a quality care for everyone.


During his training, he came across the vulnerable and under-privileged communities in his country. He believes that by building the right tools and efficient resources, a substantial difference can be made in the lives of others. The process may require extra efforts but he is adamant that the change he wishes to bring, will come! In this journey, he couldn’t turn his head away from the huge change making student movement and stepped forward to be the co-founder and a facilitator for all who think alike him and want to make the change. He takes up the journey of making a difference as the purpose of his life.


He thinks that SAC is not just a movement against the pandemic crises but a team to create, verify, spread and incorporate the culture of research in medicine, social and community levels so evidence-based practices can lead our world. Keeping up with his goals, he is working with SAC members to push forward the craft of scientific inquiry and encourage others to join him.