Afrah Ghayoor

Mental Health Co-Lead

Global Health & Social Media: Campaign Planning Subdivision Lead

Medical Student


Afrah is a fourth year medical student at Dubai Medical University. She held the position of vice secretary in the Student Council and in the consecutive year, was elected as president. She is currently the Batch leader and a senior member in the council.  In her tenure, Afrah played an integral role in organizing events and expanding the involvement of the college in various activities pertaining to both medical and non-medical spheres. From arranging sign-language workshops to planning graduation ceremonies, she regarded student participation and involvement as a primary component in ensuring the success of an event and vouched for active collaboration with other Universities and organizations. As a person recognizing her responsibilities, effective leadership and communication are two things she ardently strives to achieve in all her endeavors. When she’s not swamped by deadlines, Afrah likes to participate in MUN’s and attend conferences.  She believes in the importance of empathy and social service and has volunteered with associations like Dementia Friends and Red Crescent for the same cause. When the creative bug strikes, Afrah likes to unravel her poetic side and jot down a few musings.


Afrah actively advocates for Women’s Health and Mental Health and would also like to raise awareness about these issues through informing and educating, by using Students Against COVID as a platform for the same.  She would also like to take this opportunity oas a learning experience to further augment her skillset.  As a Co-lead for the Social Media Campaign Planning team, Afrah aims to utilize her leadership and writing skills in collaborating with the diverse members of this initiative and promote content creation within SAC.


Afrah intends to serve in humanitarian initiatives and aims to synergize her medical knowledge with open mindedness to create an inclusive space for all as a medical professional. She currently hopes to pursue either Obstetrics & Gynecology or Pediatrics as a specialty in the future.