Adriana Viola Miranda



Former Social Media Team Lead

Core Facilitator

Medical Student
Jakarta, Indonesia


 Adriana is a 4th year medical student at University of Indonesia, which has consistently been ranked as the best university in her country. She strives to translate her passion in medical research and information technology to improve healthcare systems across the world. She has been involved in several international publications and conferences, humanitarian aid projects and national & regional scientific organizations. In between her medical lessons, she learns programming, UI/UX and graphic design, poetry writing and music composing. She recently won the MIT COVID-19 Challenge with a telemedicine solution for patients with chronic diseases.


Adriana believes that students and youth can – and should  be involved in this fight to end the COVID-19 pandemic, with their own skills & capabilities. She also would like to spread credible information in her country – in which misinformation and hoaxes are still prevalent, if not worse after the pandemic – and take part in building a better post-COVID world. She believes Students Against COVID is the right platform since it is an international, multidisciplinary community of students – the stakeholders of the future.


Along with her team, she aims to reach and inspire students & allies worldwide with social media campaigns, as well as ending the stigma and hoaxes related to the pandemic.