We are a global, grassroots movement aiming to bring students and young professionals together to create a common platform to spread awareness about COVID-19, share ideas and collaborate in tackling the pandemic.
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With a vibrant team ready to translate our campaign flyers to 38+ languages, we would like to foster inclusivity across the world.
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Join us in an online campaign to stop violence against doctors. Let’s amplify the voice of Indian healthcare community globally. 
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Looking forward to seeing maximum participation on 12th June for this initiative!
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Our Mission

Spread credible information

Our campaign focus on spreading awareness about COVID-19, its consequences and misinformation.

Empower student & allies voices

We aim to empower responsible voices and inspire students & young professionals to take part in tackling this COVID-19 pandemic.

Collaboration & innovation

We strive to facilitate collaboration & innovation through establishing general & research mentorship programs.

Encourage social accountability

Through our campaigns, we aim raise awareness to inequities and encouraging transparency about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Reach

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