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Christos Tsagkaris

Co-Founder||Athens, Greece

Christos is a 5th year medical student at the University of Crete (UoC), graduating in July 2021. He is affiliated with several scientific students associations and NGOs, including the Association of European Cancer Leagues, where he serves as a Youth Ambassador, the European Student Think Tank, where he holds the office of the Editor in Chief and the Novelmeds.

Christos has lived and worked in Taiwan, Lebanon, Brazil and Mexico.

Marina Haque

Co-Founder||Michigan, USA

Marina Haque is a fourth year dual degree medical and master’s in health management and policy student from the University of Michigan matched into an anesthesiology residency. Within the University of Michigan, she works with the Michigan Medicine Office for Health Equity and Inclusion and is also part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Paths of Excellence. She is a health systems and health equities researcher, with previous work ranging on the opioid epidemic within the city of Detroit to health care accessibility within urban Pakistan. In 2020, she was awarded the prestigious 2020 United States Public Health Services: Excellence in Public Health Award.

Faisal Nawaz

Co-Founder||Dubai, UAE

Faisal is a fourth-year medical student at Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) in Dubai, UAE. He is actively involved in research with ongoing projects on Mental Disorders, Blood Donation and Obesity. He has had the opportunity to connect with various healthcare professionals through local conferences, including clinical observerships at Cleveland Clinic in the US and King Hussein Cancer Center in Jordan.

In addition, he has an interest in studying the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Medicine and in bridging this gap using social media.

Sultana Shanmin

Translations Team Lead||MIchigan,USA

Shanmin Sultana is an undergraduate student at Wayne State University (WSU) studying Sociology with a double minor in Public Health and Spanish. Shanmin works as a Student Assistant for the WSU Public Health Department, as well as mediator for Science Gallery Detroit, an interdisciplinary exhibition where she facilitates STEAM conversations with visitors and Detroit youth, while serving on the Youth Advisory Board. She co-founded “Replenish Detroit“, a student-led campaign that works to increase access to safe, affordable water and sanitation in Detroit. Shanmin also co-founded “Pauseitivity”, a WSU student organization that works to address the mental and emotional health of students through positive thinking.

Mominah Farrukh

Women’s Health Team Co-Lead||Michigan, USA

Mominah Farrukh is an undergraduate alum from the University of Michigan. She obtained a degree in Neuroscience and Linguistics. She currently works for the Center for Neurological Studies, working with forensics settlement cases in regards to traumatic brain injury. She is currently changing careers and transitioning to working in the justice system.

Waqas Haque

Clinical Research Team Lead||Texas,USA

Waqas Haque is a fourth year medical student in Texas. He has taken off time from medical school to study public health and business, and was an organizing fellow for the Pakistani American Political Action Committee last year. At the moment, he is interning for a hedge fund in the biotechnology area and working on several systematic review projects on COVID-19 patient outcomes.

Dan Rosenbush

Clinical Resources Team Lead||Washington DC, USA

Dan Rosenbush is a fourth year dual degree medical student and master of public health student entering the Family Medicine UPMC St. Margaret’s residency this summer. His interests include healthcare workforce issues, medical care for underserved communities, and social determinants of health.

Shabber Syed

US Lead Facilitator||Michigan, USA

Shabber is a second year medical student at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. He serves as the Vice President for the Institute For Healthcare Improvement at the WSU chapter and hopes to improve the quality of healthcare and education among medical students. He also serves as an Education Coordinator for Detroit Vs. Addiction, a group dedicated to raising awareness about the opioid crisis in Detroit.

Aman Tahir

Internal Outreach & Logistics Lead||Michigan, USA

Aman Tahir is an incoming undergraduate student at the University of Michigan. She plans to pursue a major in Biomedical Engineering along with pre-med studies to prepare for medical school. Within her community, she enjoys volunteering as a tutor and has interned at hospitals in Pakistan.

Aya Akhras

Medical Education Research Team Lead||Dubai,UAE

Aya is a fourth year MBBS medical student at Mohammed Bin Rashid University, Dubai. She is president and founder of the MBRU Interest groups, and has a passion for educating and empowering students to help them reach their full potential. She has previously been involved in many research projects involving surgical outcomes, as well as medical education. Since her second year in medical school, she has had a growing interest in investigating medical students learning approaches and its association with resilience and stress coping strategies. At the moment, she is an advocate for mental health and currently wishes to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on medical students learning experience and mental health. 

Mujtaba Badar

Technology Lead||Texas, USA

Mujtaba is a software engineer and healthcare entrepreneur. 

Arusa Ilyas

Video Team Lead||Halifax,UK

Arusa is a 5th year British Medical Student hoping to enter into a U.K. hospital trust foundation programme in the coming year, expecting the programme provides her with the training to become a compassionate physician to individual patients and a skilled medical researcher pushing the boundaries of knowledge outside of academics.

Waseem Wahood

Research Lead | | Illinois, USA

Waseem Wahood is a first-year medical student in Florida. He has a background in health economics, global outreach, medical education, clinical research, and humanitarianism. He worked as a clinical assistant in an underserved community at his hometown in Chicago for several years, volunteered in several local and global humanitarian groups, and produced clinical research projects before entering medical school. He is heavily involved at his medical school, aiming to improve the school’s learning environment and student experience of community and wellbeing. He is currently working on several medical education research projects, aiming to make a difference in the delivery of curricula to students, in addition to several clinical research studies.

Adriana Viola

Social Media Campaign & Management Lead | Jakarta, Indonesia

Adriana is a 4th year medical student at University of Indonesia, which has consistently been ranked as the best university in her country. She strives to translate her passion in medical research and information technology to improve healthcare systems across the world. She has been involved in various international conferences and hackathons, humanitarian aid projects and national & regional scientific organizations. In between her medical lessons, she learns Android programming, graphic design, poetry writing and music composing. With these vast backgrounds and experiences, she was awarded the 3rd Most Outstanding Student by her faculty in 2019.

HedaietAllah Ghanem

Minors’ Involvement in SAC Lead | | Dubai, UAE

HedaietAllah is a fourth-year medical student at Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) in Dubai, UAE. Co-Founder and Events Chair of MBRU’s REACH club. The club offers her the opportunity of expanding on philanthropic activities within Dubai and abroad; from volunteering and community service to raising funds for the less fortunate and COVID-19 crisis. HedaietAllah is also Vice President of MBRU’s Interest Groups which solidified her passion for medical education and mentorship. Currently, she’s aspiring to broaden her scope into mental health and outreach programs aiding in alleviating adversity in the community.

Alina Haque

Media Relations Coordinator | | Michigan, USA

Alina Haque is a recent alum from The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business where she graduated with a degree in business administration. Her past experience includes an internship at the US Department of State’s Crisis Management Center, and she has a strong interest in healthcare demonstrated through her marketing internship at the Alzheimer’s Association, Michigan Great Lakes Chapter and her co-authored publication on healthcare accessibility in urban Pakistan. Currently, she is part of DICE Foundation, a non-profit platform that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Ameera AlGhafri

Mental Health Lead | | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, Ameera AlGhafri was taught to “give.” She found herself indulged in both the arts and sciences. So she chose to “give” in the common-ground of Healthcare. She is now a fourth-year medical student at the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Science in Dubai, UAE. Ameera’s curiosity and passion for learning and growth has driven her to take a part in many internships, opportunities and initiatives. She is particularly passionate about Mental Health, Integrative Medicine, Global Health and Medical Research. She is also currently a columnist at SAIL Publishing where she aspires to shed light on both local and global issues that often go unseen. In addition, she runs a twitter account that aims to provide mental health support and guidance to the general public. 

Seham Alkawthar

Mental Health Co-Lead||California,USA

Seham Alkawthar is a fourth-year student at UC Davis in the College of Letters and Sciences, majoring in Psychology. She’s originally from the Middle East and her ultimate goal is to destigmatize mental health there. One of the many things that fascinates her is the thinking process in humans. She enjoys creating videos to entertain other people by sharing her experiences, especially ones that deal with discomfort. She hopes to one day be able to help and educate people on mental health issues and doing a greater good for third world countries.

Zoha Asghar

Clinical research Co-Lead||Karachi, Pakistan

Zoha is a second year MBBS student in Karachi. Apart from SAC, she is also a member of local community service initiatives in Karachi such as the renowned “Robin Hood Army” where her role is to register numerous underprivileged citizens across the province on the daily for the provincial government’s relief initiative to ensure that amidst the lockdown ration/food crises is catered to in a timely manner.

Mahmoud Bassiony

Logistics Co-lead||Alexandria,Egypt

 Mahmoud Bassiony is a third year medical student at Alexandria faculty of medicine and Clinical researcher. He is also a youth ambassador at Young Utopians.

He has communication and leadership skills, therefore he is a responsible for AFM_Corona fighters and Blood donation during the pandemic Campaigns at Alexandria university. He was the head of the human resources committee for the Blood Class Conference at Alexandria University. He is a creative writer and proofreader and the founder and director manager of Med-Utopia Magazine at Alexandria medical college. He is a member at Global research institute as a clinical researcher and is involved in clinical epidemiology study.He is an Arabic translator within SAC and also members in some initiatives such as SAC research, mental health, Vid team and ambassador programs. He has been involved in many civil and volunteering work since he joined the medical college and earned a leader and facilitator badge from E+ Youth workers.

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