European Student Think Tank
The European Student Think Tank is an International NGO dedicated to involving young Europeans in the European policy-making process. It functions as an online journal of international affairs and annually publishes an academic journal, “The European Policy Review”.
Join us to develop innovative solutions to address physical and psychological health, economic, and social impacts posed by pandemics such as COVID-19 on individuals, communities and nations worldwide. Anyone can submit any creative ideas, and innovations at this site, www.diceinnovationportal.com. Submitted ideas may be screened and shared with industry, government officials, and various other stakeholders to help solve the challenges the world is facing today and in the future.
Replenish Detroit
Replenish Detroit is a student-driven grassroots organization founded at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan to advocate for and alleviate the ongoing Detroit water crisis. Thousands of Detroit residents have had their water shut off for extended periods of time due to the inability to pay the disproportionately high water bill rates in Detroit, caused by the city’s incurred debt during the municipal bankruptcy in 2013. Although the city has recently agreed to begin restoring water to residents in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, restoration efforts have been incredibly slow.